All Hail the Gal Pal

Gal Pals… ya can’t beat them … More All Hail the Gal Pal

An Ode to WAP

Your honour, I’m a freak bitch… I just bloody love ‘WAP’.

This blog post is a dedication to the best song of 2020. There I said it. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stalion’s tune is an absolute banger, and feminist masterpiece. in this blog post I rant – sorry – I mean *write* about why being female in the world we live in is bloody awful. And also why WAP is so empowering for us ladies. Spoiler: women like sex too, shocker. … More An Ode to WAP

Analysis Paralysis

‘Analysis paralysis’ is the most pleasing phrase in the English language. However, it is a less than pleasing the phenomenon. It is also one that I very much suffer from. According to Investopedia, Analysis Paralysis refers to when “an individual or group is unable to move forward with a decision as a result of overanalysing … More Analysis Paralysis