Fashion Revolution Week

If you’re thinking, “when will this bloody woman stop talking about sustainable fashion and all that shite?” Then the answer is NEVER. The week just gone has been Fashion Revolution Week, during which was the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse (which happened on 24th April 2013). The week aims to encourage people to … More Fashion Revolution Week

Am I a Writer now?

It’s time to get real people. I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I would have liked recently, however that does not mean I haven’t been writing and thinking and creating and doing even more thinking (I’m a big thinker), which I will get into in a minute. I’ve had a confusing few months of … More Am I a Writer now?

Haiti 2015

So in January 2015, days after turning 19, I went to Haiti. The trip was about 10 days; a week actually in Haiti with a few days either side as a stop off in Miami. And it was an awesome experience. The trip was a medical one; providing care to locals, and creating medical records … More Haiti 2015