I like to write personal, anecdotal essays, nostalgic pieces that muster up a warm fuzzy feeling inside, as well journalistically written articles. Here’s a selection of pieces written by yours truly:

This is Brighton

My Covid Contract

An Ode to a Crackden


A Love Letter to Festivals

The Indiependent

‘Mothering Sunday’ Announces its Star-Studded Cast (collaborative piece)

The 10 Best McFly Songs

Book Review: Dear NHS // Edited by Adam Kay

Blog Posts

I also write a weekly blog, so feel free to delve into the deep depths of my archives to learn more about me:

10 Diary Entries That Encapsulate Growing Up

I was a bit of a cow between the ages of 7 and 19. Lucky for everyone, I recorded my ‘cow years’ and can now laugh at former self. … More 10 Diary Entries That Encapsulate Growing Up

5 Things We Forget About Break Ups

Break Ups are fucking shitty, everyone knows that. They’re awkward, sad and soul destroying. They just plain’ suck. But when you haven’t had one in a while, you can forget some of the weird moments you face in that post-break up state. As a newly single gal myself, I thought I’d shed light on the … More 5 Things We Forget About Break Ups

Analysis Paralysis

‘Analysis paralysis’ is the most pleasing phrase in the English language. However, it is a less than pleasing the phenomenon. It is also one that I very much suffer from. According to Investopedia, Analysis Paralysis refers to when “an individual or group is unable to move forward with a decision as a result of overanalysing … More Analysis Paralysis