I like to write personal, anecdotal essays, nostalgic pieces that muster up a warm fuzzy feeling inside, as well journalistically written articles. Here’s a selection of pieces written by yours truly:

This is Brighton

My Covid Contract

An Ode to a Crackden


A Love Letter to Festivals

The Indiependent

‘Mothering Sunday’ Announces its Star-Studded Cast (collaborative piece)

The 10 Best McFly Songs

Book Review: Dear NHS // Edited by Adam Kay

Tried and Tested Break up Cures

Virtual Speed Dating: The Future For Singles?


Hachiku – I’ll Probably be Asleep – album review

City Girl Network

The Boris Bedtime Effect

Why Projects Is One Of The Best Remote Working Spots In Town For Brighton Girls

Blog Posts

I also write a weekly blog, so feel free to delve into the deep depths of my archives to learn more about me:

A Very Dry January

A very chaotic blog post to mirror my chaotic life … More A Very Dry January

One Wild (?) Year

We’ve all had an interesting one this year to say the least. And as 2020 begins to wind down, I feel like I’m finishing the year a completely different person to the one I was 12 months ago. Actually I seem to feel like that every year, as I guess that’s what one might call … More One Wild (?) Year