Social Media Campaigns – part 4

Hello it’s me. It’s been a while, but I am back with part 4 of my favourite social media marketing campaigns. I can’t say ‘…of 2018’ anymore but the social media campaigns are still alive and kicking so I will continue as if that 5 week break did not happen.

The next one comes from that billion dollar company that everyone knows and loves: Netflix.

It’s hardly surprising that they have a good social media, due to the fact that everyone uses Netflix. I don’t know about you, but when someone asks “you should watch *insert TV series here*”, my first question is almost always, “is it on Netflix?” And I know I’m not the only one. As well as this, the company has 130 million subscribers across over 190 countries. The figures speak for themselves: Netflix is killing it. And they don’t need me to tell them that at all, but here I am doing that anyway.

But anyway, enough about the company’s wealth, and onto their social media.

So I’d already planned to do this post on Netflix; focusing mainly on their Instagram (which I will come to)… and as I was procrastinating, I loaded up Facebook to have a look at what the world was doing, when what should pop up at the top of my feed? Netflix. So I thought I’d start with that, just to show that their social media is everywhere.


I liked his post because it’s current, in terms of the fact that everyone’s a bit obsessed with Brooklyn Nine Nine, and in the use of the little animal thing made from symbols and emojis. We’ve all seen the memes made from emojis going round Twitter recently, such as the cowboy one:


It’s also super chill vibes, which we all know I love- a casual chatty voice is relatable which is what Netflix’s social media is all about!

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important to have a ‘voice’ on Instagram to appeal to your target audience, and Netflix’s social media appeals to a younger audience, particularly on Instagram, promoting shows such as Riverdale and that new(ish) Sabrina show, often referring to the fit lads on the shows, appealing specifically to teenage girls.

The comments on Instagram posts often include users questioning who runs their Instagram account, because they are sooooo funny and relatable, which is essentially the goal when running a social media page- having interesting/relatable content that makes people glad they follow your account (while, of course, still promoting the company).

It reminds me of the Oatly page – the account has a personality that people want to follow- the Netflix Instagram is essentially your mate that you want to listen to and have a laugh with.


The post above also shows Netflix as reviewing shows, a kind of self-promotion: “This new show, Sex Education drops this week and I am obsessed with it.” We kind of forget that this person is being paid by Netflix to promote Netflix, and we want to hear more about this funny show, and watch it because our ‘mate’ has recommended it. It’s very clever really.

But would you really expect anything else from a billion dollar company?


Hope you found this interesting or useful (or another positive adjective), and thank you for reading.



(I do work in social media and would love to give your business a helping hand with social media if that’s not your strong suit, so please feel free to email me on if you so please!)

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