New year, new me?

So it’s the end of 2018, and I achieved fuck-all.

Actually that’s a lie, I graduated… That was quite a life achievement TBH. But anyway, the end of one year means the beginning of a new one. Which also means news year’s resolutions are flying around left, right and centre, and who doesn’t love a new year’s resolution???

The answer is many people. I, however like the idea of starting something new, becoming a better version of yourself- there’s nothing wrong with trying new things. In fact it can be exciting and can change your life in one way or another. I believe doing new things that scare you will expand your horizons and broaden your outlook on life. Imagine if you’d never took that leap to move out, or start a new job, or go talk to that one person who’s now your best friend/husband/secret lover etc. etc. You get my point- doing new and scary things can be scary but can change your whole life (I’m so inspirational).

So whilst watching friends recently, I got the idea for a Ross Geller inspired blog series, inspired by his 1999 New Years resolution: “every day I am gonna do one thing I have never done before”. There aren’t really enough hours in the day for me to do a new thing every day AND blog about it whilst also having a full time job and a social life… and also I’m not rich, or creative enough to think of 365 new things to do- so instead I’ve decided to limit it to one a month.

I’ve come up with a list of a number of new and exciting things to try, including going vegan for January, doing a skydive and exploring new countries when I go travelling next autumn. So that is my plan. and hopefully it will make for some interesting posts you will enjoy reading!

I would very much appreciate it if you think of any ideas I could try in this series or let me know if you decide to give it a go too!

Thank you for reading, adios amigos!


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