Social Media Marketing Campaigns – part 3

Part 3 of my favourite social media campaigns of 2018 is all about Innocent drinks. *furious clapping*

I’ll start off with a little overview: Innocent were the ones that made those cute little smoothie cartons back in the day. I remember going to school with a strawberry and banana carton in my larger than life rucksack, laughing with my 9 year old friends over the silly jokes and interesting facts on the back of each carton.

As I grew up, I continued to buy their smoothies- mostly the grown-up sized ones, and more often than not: when hungover (they’re very refreshing when you’re close to death due to dehydration and embarrassment.)

And not only do I love their products, but I also love their branding. For a start, the kid-friendly facts and jokes means that 9 year old Becky is going home saying, “mum- this carton has 2 of your five-a-day AND it has a funny joke on please get them again!” Or something along these lines- I don’t have any kids myself.

Innocent love to display facts on their products, often about recycling and all that important stuff. But it’s not just the dull message of: “make sure you recycle this bottle” (not that recycling is dull- I’m a big believer in doing everything you can for the environment- promise). But it uses pictures and displays things in their own tone of voice; chatty, jokey- and therefore bringing in the consumer to actually read the dull stuff (again: not actually that dull).

This voice and personality is conveyed through to their social media. And this is something that is very important when running social media accounts for a business- your product and social media must have a ‘voice’- a distinct personality that makes your brand – well your brand.

Innocent’s ‘voice’ is chatty, colloquial and sometimes a bit silly, like the following message on their website to, “call the bananaphone”:


But they also convey important messages, like the following (on Twitter):


The over exaggeration of the cost of a pint in London cracked me up- exactly my type of sarcastic humour. Here Innocent is conveying their aforementioned personality, while also providing an important message about helping children in Africa suffering with severe acute malnutrition. Fun and informative.

So the moral of the story from Innocent is to always have a specific personality or voice on social media so that people recognise your nramd’s personality, just like a mate. And by giving your brand a personality, you’re giving people a reason to follow your socials, love your content and listen to what you have to say.

That is pretty much that. So thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed it or found it in any way informative, please give me a follow- part 4 will be up next week!

And again, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at for any advice on social media marketing!


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