Day 5

Day 5 began with a hungover, made slightly worse by me falling through a chair, and then getting stuck there. My roommate, of course, still had a broken wrist and couldn’t help very much.

After eventually freeing myself, and watching 3 or 4 blurry episodes of Sherlock with Chinese subtitles, I wandered into the town. Cambodia is a really cool place, and wandering round, I felt very appreciative to have the opportunity to visit such different cultures. I was intrigued by the Cambodian culture; everyone rode motorbikes, there were tuk tuks rather than taxis. These were specifically Cambodian tuk tuks as well, different to those in Vietnam, India, even those you get in London. The culture was just interesting. And each place we went to was different from the next; Siem Reap was busy, and hot, Phnom Penh for instance seemed less busy, despite being the capital city.

I wandered back to the hostel and we all loaded ourselves (and our luggage) onto the most pimped out public bus I had ever seen.

pimp my ride

The bus ride was an interesting one to say the least. We enjoyed the pretty views; a lot of green countryside and houses on stilts. Multiple reasons were given for the stilts: to keep the snakes away; to stop the houses from flooding and finally; to be about 2 metres closer to god. I don’t know which is most likely to be true, or whether is was a combination of all three, but almost every house we drove past was a fair height of the ground.

A couple of hours into the bus ride, we pulled over at the side of the road. The driver fiddled with some buttons and then announced that the air con had broken. just remember it was about 35 degree heat, and we could either wait an hour or so for the next bus or carry on with the windows down. We decided to stay on the bus with the windows down. It turns out by ‘down’ it didn’t mean when you ‘roll the windows down’ in the car, oh no: the windows were literally removed. Picture how much glass there is on a bus. Now picture it all being removed. And now picture going 60mph down these slightly dodgy roads in said bus. It was quite an experience, I thought the Belgium guy sitting in front was literally going to fall out.

However no one fell out and everyone was very intact when we got to Phnom Penh.

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