Day 4

This is a longish post, and I hope it makes some sort of sense as the first edit was basically a drunk ramble.

This edit, however, makes a bit more sense and begins in the early morning… really early morning; around 4am in fact: we were going to see the world famous sunrise at the beautiful Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat, in case you didn’t know, is basically a really old building, well a temple actually, built between 113-5BC, So as you can imagine, people come from all around the world to see it. It really is beautiful, especially at sunrise. Well I imagine it is anyway, when we rocked up it was pretty much just cloud.

Compare the pictures above and tell me which you think is mine, and which was taken about 3 days before.

When the sun had actually risen, and we’d stopped for an interesting breakfast of hard boiled egg and bread, we began our day of temple viewing day, the first of many temple viewing days as it turned out. We started, of course, with Angkor Wat. Which was awesome. Even my first taste of Cambodian sunburn and sweaty knees couldn’t take that fact away. We visited a number of temples, which were all amazing, pretty old and quite cool really.

here I am looking awkward on some old stuff
Okay I’m going to take a moment here to stop talking about old buildings to mention lunch. Normally it wouldn’t exactly be vital to mention lunch, however when I read down the menu and saw ‘snake soup’, I felt like this is something I would probably remember…. especially when a couple of guys on the trip decided to order this weird concoction. In case anyone was wondering, it apparently tasted like chicken. I didn’t have any myself so I couldn’t possibly comment.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of most of the group going quad biking while I napped. (I guess I could say how important it is to get enough sleep while travelling, especially when days are as busy as mine had been, however I was just tired and a bit lazy).

As it turned out, my roommate of the last couple of days has flipped her quad, and ended up with a broken wrist, and after being rushed to a&e: stitches in her chin. She ended up leaving the trip a few days later. As her roommate, I probably would have been on the back of her quad, had I not been napping, so it was at this point I was pretty thankful for my laziness.

The evening consisted of cocktails, and ‘YOLO bar’. This was essentially the pryzm of Siem Reap. The similarities between pryzm and yolo bar began with a group of girls chanting the lyrics to Justin Bieber- ‘sorry’ at the top of their lungs, and ended with the dj telling me “ok I’ll put cha cha slide on for you if you give me a kiss” (it was a no by the way). The rest of the night was a bit of a mad one… Why do we not have limbo contests in British clubs?!

we are so white
The night took somewhat of a turn when we left the bar. a small group of us wandered off, in search of the hotel and suddenly we were lost. Like really lost. Even the tuk tuk drivers didn’t recognise the name of the hostel. It was a nightmare. It was at this point that 2 of us decided to wander off into an old abandoned building site. Chatting at the top of our lungs, we sauntered into this old house thing, turned the corner… and there was a collection of mosquito nets… and people asleep in them… As it turns out, we had literally walked into somebody’s home while they were asleep.

And so we ran out of the ‘building site’… and got in a tuk tuk pretty quick… And after driving around in circles for a bit, we finally found the hotel.

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