Day 2

So I finished the last entry with getting off my second flight and getting my money out. After that I was hanging out at baggage claim, waiting for my bag to come round the carousel thing and I started talking to a group of 3 Irish girls, we had a chat and it turned out their hostel was nearby to where my hotel was. So we decided to share a cab. This would have been a GREAT idea and a GREAT way to make friends, however unsurprisingly it took a bad turn (I mentioned before that things just seem to happen to me).

I read a number of important pieces of advice for getting cabs from Bangkok airport:

  • Make sure the cab you get in has a meter
  • Make sure you go the ‘interstate way’ because it’s the cheapest

And these were important and useful pieces of advice which I followed, and everyone should follow when getting a taxi in Bangkok… Obviously it didn’t stop me from getting scammed though.

It made sense for the Irish girls to get dropped off first, they pay their share and then I get dropped last. And this went to plan; we finally got to their hostel after a really long route, we said our goodbyes, and my hotel was literally minutes from their hostel. Luckily I had my hostel loaded on maps on my phone, as the driver kept insisting he didn’t know the hotel. This stopped the driver from doing any more long snakey routes (I thought I had things under control).

When we rocked up at my hotel, the meter showed 3x the amount I had expected. And on top of this, the cab driver told me that the girls I had bonded with didn’t pay their share at all, leaving me to pay around 1500 Baht, (around £35?!?!?) by myself.
Of course I never found out whether he was telling me the truth and the girls had ripped me off, or if he was the one scamming me (most likely, the girls were actually really nice) but either way, I learnt to not to disclose too much information to taxi drivers etc. (“Are they your friends?” “No I just met them”). I also learnt not to trust people instantly, just because they’re the first white people you come across in a foreign country.

The rest of the day consisted of maybe 3 hours debating whether or not to walk to a Thai Starbucks by myself (I decided not in the end), and then meeting the group I would be touring South East Asia with, as well as burning my face off with a Thai curry (Thai food is actually bloody spicy it turns out).

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