It’s a blog!

Weeks, months have passed. Ideas in my head, inspiration everywhere… however it is now, 39,000 feet above some fields in Belgrade, (with no internet to google if I’m chatting rubbish) that I have decided it’s time for my travel blog to be born. (And 2 weeks later that I actually go ahead and post the first post). I like to leave things last minute. Another example of this is that I only bought this iPad 2 days ago.

I’m interested in writing and travel blogs in particular, so I thought, what could be a better thing to write about! This summer I am travelling around Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand as part of an STA travel tour (Indochina Discovery) and so this is where I will start my blog. I plan to travel round more of Asia next summer, maybe Australia after that and hopefully some stop offs in Europe over the next year, so stick with me!

About me: I am an English Language student, starting my final year at uni in September from the Brighton area. I like travelling, a good night out and talking about myself (that is perhaps also quite obvious).

So I hope you enjoy my blog, whether it inspires you, entertains you or helps you in some way for travelling advice.

Amber x

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